Morgan County school incorporates cyber security into their curriculum

Morgan County, W.Va. - In this age of technology, the internet is ever-changing, and schools in Morgan County are working to keep up and protect students from dangers on the internet.

Warm Springs Intermediate School has a common sense media curriculum provided by the state. The school principal says the program is geared towards social cyber safety.

“If we see a problem pop-up, or we see something that kids are talking about. We go out and find appropriate material to teach them about safety in those areas,” said Dudley Cable, Warm Springs Intermediate School Principal.

They said it’s also a community effort.

“We need the community on our side to help us stay on top of it. When they hear about things that are going on, let us know, so that we can be looking for it in our school,” Cable said.

And that’s where Sheriff Deputy Kevin Barney comes in. He's the prevention resource officer for Morgan County Schools.

He works at the schools throughout the county and helps keep cyber security and other student issues at bay.

“Our resource officer provides that connection with the community, to kind of keep the community stuff in the community, and also protects us as a school in the ways that we deal with cyber safety,” Cable said.

Barney said the biggest issue is online solicitation and students having too much access on their smart phones and iPhones.

“We always try to be the most up-to-date, which is difficult because as soon as we finish this interview, 10 new sites will be up that haven’t even been known about yet,” Barney said.


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