25 Puppies Seized from Martinsburg Pet Shop

- MARTINSBURG, Wv. - The Berkeley County Sheriff's Department seized 25 puppies earlier this week after several complaints were filed against the West Virginia Puppies pet store for cruel conditions, and improper transportation across state lines.

"They served a warrant and that was last Tuesday on a suspected vehicle driving from out of state, and they had 25 puppies that were confiscated from that vehicle," said Sheriff Lemaster with the Berkeley County Sheriff's department.

The puppies were being transported from Ohio and were not accompanied by any paper work. Upon arrival to the pet store, the pups were confiscated by deputies. 

"I think the search has been ongoing," said Sheriff Lemaster.

West Virginia Buddies, a local dog rescue, was able to foster several puppies. A member of the rescue says one of the dogs suffered from severe lung congestion, a problem caused often times by too many dogs being kept in unclean closed quarters.

Berkeley County Animal Control staff say they have received multiple calls regarding the alleged puppy mill.

"Its been ongoing and we have enough evidence now to look into it a little bit further," said Officer Carper, Berkeley County Animal Control.

The sheriff's department suspects that the incident may stem from the new laws in Ohio and Pennsylvania concerning dog breeders, a theory that explains why the puppies were being brought into West Virginia without the required certificate of veterinary inspection

"As of right now we have no charges, it was basically to retain and find the puppies and I guess the case is still continuing to be investigated," added Sheriff Lemaster.

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